Split Croatia Coworking Coliving

Split Croatia Coworking Coliving with Hacker Paradise made for an interesting six weeks. After a year of traveling, Split was definitely not my favorite city, but it does have a lot to offer. One advantage of Split, is that it is outside the Schengen region for those conscious of their days. The cost of living is average to slightly above, with housing being very reasonable, but dining out being above average compared to other European cities. Our group explored most of Split, the surrounding islands, national parks and even braved a trip to Bosnia.

Split Croatia Beaches

Split Croatia Coworking

During our time in Split, the group made themselves at Amosfera Coworking, located near Prima 3, Ul. Ruđera Boškovića 20, about 2km from old town, who describe themselves as "a social enterprise co-working space in Split, Croatia." The space is OK, surrounded by a few restaurants and many cafes. Amosfera hosts weekly language classes and some other events, but it’s mostly an open space to work with solid WiFi. They were great at letting us know about local freelancer and digital nomad events. I wouldn’t recommend planning your social life around this coworking space and you should have other plans in Split to meet locals and other travelers.

Hacker Paradise in Split Croatia

As usual with Hacker Paradise, our trip was filled with activities, meals, weekend getaways and exploring Split nearly 7 days per week. Collectively, the group explored Split, including attractions like Old Town, Marjan Park, the Bell Tower, green markets, the boardwalk, working from the beach and just about every restaurant and bar.

Hacker Paradise filled our week with activities, like our weekly potluck, where everyone cooks or brings something and we gather on the beach to eat, drink and be merry.

Hacker Paradise Weekly Potluck

There were also weekly talks, covering so may topics like coding, building your own freelance business, drawing from our resident comic artist, starting an Amazon business, SEO and passive income, using Zapier to automate your life, hacking and cyber security and more!

Hacker Paradise Weekly  Talks

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Split Croatia Weekend and Day Trips

There’s as much, if not more, to do outside Split in it’s surrounding areas than there is to do in Split. Some of the amazing trips we took were:

Boat Trip to Hvar, Vis and the Blue Cave
This was certainly one of my favorite trips during our 6 weeks in Split. We explored the blue cave, swam, ate, sunned ourselves, visited the lovely island of Hvar as well as Vis, the recent location of the Mamma Mia! 2 movie. Another time, we spent and entire weekend in Hvar, which is great for walking around, relaxing and beaches.

Blue Cave Grotto Split Croatia

Boat Trip to Hvar, Vis and the Blue Cave

Plitvice Lakes National Park Small-Group Day Trip
Plitvice Lakes is an absolute MUST DO when in Split, as this was one of the highlights of the trip. We were lucky enough to enjoy the park and waterfalls in October, when the leaves were just fantastic! As an east coast Northerner, I throughly enjoyed the crisp air and smell of autumn, without the impending loom of a long, dreary winter. Our guide, Marina, of Sugaman Tours, was delightful and kept us moving the whole time. Yes, the park is crowded, and often there are traffic jams, but it is still worth exploring.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Things to Do in Split

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Interesting Facts and Tips about Split Croatia

Two things really stick out at me about Split. Restaurants and Cafes are two very different things. You’ll see a dozen cafes for every one restaurant, but the cafes don’t serve food. They are huge (lots of seating), they have menus on the tables, they have table service, but don’t site yet if you’re hungry – check to see if it’s a cafe or restaurant.

The other thing about Split? It’s slippery! Most of the city is make of stone that feels like it’s polished with oil. Wear really good walking shoes as I saw 2-3 people a day, including locals, just completely wipe out on the floor.

You’ll definitely want to try the Rajika, a local liquor made from pears, plums or grapes, often mixed with honey and other sweets, about 40% alcohol.

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Split Croatia Coworking Coliving Restaurants

Split Croatia Coworking Coliving Restaurants

  • Maka Maka – Acai & Poke bar. Delicious and fresh fish and a great breakfast selection
  • Museum of Fine Arts (Galerija Umjetnina) – great place to grab a cocktail, https://www.galum.hr/en/cafe-galerija/
  • Uje oil bar – wine bar with great selection of food and wine
  • Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar  – excellent wine and cocktail selection, small plates, great music, cozy with lots of smaller nooks and rooms
  • Olive Tree – on the main promenade. Interesting menu, as overpriced as the rest, but a nice meal with a beautiful view
  • Zinfandel – nice wine selection, the octopus was great, service was better than most other places
  • Pizzeria Dir – about a 10 minute walk from Old Town, but with an excellent food selection, great prices and large portions.
  • To Je To – a fun rakija "Taste of Croatia" for 60 Kuna
  • Academia Club Ghetto – nightlife spot and club
  • Rooftop 68 – outdoor terrace bar near the water with sofas and high end cocktails

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Who Joins Coworking Coliving with Hacker Paradise?

Simply everyone! I’d guess the average ages of participants falls in the range of 23-33, however we have participants in their early 20s and late 40s. Everyone is welcome and there’s absolutely zero judgement from anyone about any nationality, age, race, religion, sexuality or anything else! The group is from all over the world, including England, USA, India, Italy, France, Canada, South Africa and many combinations of the same. The one thing we all have in common is that we’re able to work from anywhere in the world where there is somewhat solid WiFi. Even if your’e just considering joinng Hacker Paradise, or any other remote/work program, it is totally worthwhile to schedule your interview now. There’s no committment after that and you can learn a ton about how the programs work.

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