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Since there are 1000s from which to chose, we shed some light on the best digital nomad remote jobs from home. We all know coders, developers and bloggers are popular remote work options, but do you know how many other cool and unique remote jobs exist? After meeting hundreds of location independent professionals on the road, here are all the jobs and businesses I’ve come across and some of my favorites. Some of the most unique include helping the visually impaired, clothing and jewelry designers and garden design consultant. While having a laptop is key to just about any remote work, your options go far beyond just the technical, so enjoy our list of best remote and location independent businesses and jobs. Learn How I Make Over $10K Per Month Publishing Websites

In The Spotlight – Our Favorite Digital Nomad Remote Job from Home

We start the list with one of the noblest jobs we have discovered, to assist the visually impaired. What more can you ask for of a remote job than this modern use of technology while doing good for the world? Help guide Explorers, visually impaired individuals, as they wear Google glasses and you sit at your computer seeing what they “see”. As an agent, you have the privilege of helping Explorers rock climb, choose the best fruit at the market, cook, read to their children and so much more. They want the Corn Flakes at the supermarket? You guide them – “yes, to the right, no up one shelf, yes your hand is on the Corn Flakes.” This assistance for visual impairment was introduced by Aira, a San Diego-based startup that connects Google’s smart spectacles to an online human guides. Learn more about becoming an Aira Agent.

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Customer Support and Technical Support

Studies have shown that those with people skills enjoy more success at the workplace. Customer support is a good career that will put you on the right track for building and nurturing these skills. The best part is that you can boost your soft skills by providing remote customer support from the comfort of your home. Thanks to technology, getting a remote customer support job is no different than getting a regular job.

Teacher (usually language)

Teaching a language online is one of the most sought-after jobs for a digital nomad. Some of the reasons for its popularity revolve around the fact that online language teachers are fairly well-paid, with per hour rates going up to $45. Another reason why online teaching gigs are a great option for the digital nomad is because of the flexible working hours. In other words, you get to set the time.

Web Designers and Coders – Multiple Options

Coders have always been in demand, whether for a full-time job or a freelance project. There are many software houses and the like always looking for good front end, back end and full stack developers who can complete various projects. Due to the demand for websites and software, the pay for freelance coders is usually high, many over 6 figures per year, making it an attractive option for the digital nomad.

Consultant/Coach (Health, Life, Mindset, Empowerment, Financial, Career)

Who hasn’t heard of Tony Robbins? The life coach has made millions by teaching others how to be the best versions of themselves. If you are articulate and have a personality that lets people naturally gravitate towards you, then why not become a consultant/coach and help out others? You can design coaching programs and put them online for others to purchase, or if you are particularly good in a field, you can offer consultation services and set your own rates.

Website Publisher (Travel, City Guides, Fitness, Wealth, Bloggers)

An increasing number of digital nomads create content that provides some value to their audience. For instance, you can start a blog or website on health and fitness, traveling, or almost any topic that you are comfortable with and know a lot about. There is always demand for those who can come up with content that offers value to the reader. Learn How I Make Over $10K Per Month Publishing Websites


Companies and individuals hire accountants for bookkeeping, tax filing, and other services. Digital Nomads themselves are always looking for recommended accountants in their home country that understand the complexity of traveling and setting up their business in another country. While something as complex as auditing might require an accountant to be physically present in an office, you can find many other opportunities where your skills as an accountant can come in handy such as financial analysis or tax planning. Hone in on a speciality, like Digital Nomads or Uber drivers, and your business will boom.


There are many recruiters, talent agencies, and Human Resources services that outsource their recruitments to those who are physically present in a particular area. This is where the role of remote recruiter comes in. As a remote recruiter or headhunter, you will be carrying out interviews via Skype or other software to find the best talent for the job. I’ve met remote recruiters who specialize in healthcare, particularly nursing, technology, human resources, finance and many other areas where companies often need specialists.

Author/Ghostwriter/Editor/Proofreader (Book, Play, Screenplay)

Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and many celebrities often hire ghostwriters to help them out with their project or write whole novels or autobiographies. The same goes for plays and screenplays. Since there is always demand for content, and many people outsource work to creative individuals who can come up with new and interesting screenplays and other content for commercial use.

Writer Copywriter Screenplay Editor/Reader

One of the most popular digital nomad careers is of content development. Whether it involves providing ghost writing services or writing content for other websites and blogs, there’s a whole host of online platforms where you can find jobs as a content writer.

Virtual Assistant

VA’s are in high demand, especially for other location independent business owners. Social media, website management, travel planning, transcription and at least a dozen other areas are in constant need by business owners. Ever visited a website and noticed a pop up at the bottom left hand corner of the screen asking if you need any help? That is also a role of a virtual assistant, who basically helps users find what they are looking for. Virtual assistance can also extend to remote technical assistance for people who need help with electronic gadgets or other products.

Close Captioning for TV and Movies

Love to watch Netflix? Make money doing it! Captioning and subtitling are two well-known choices for the digital nomad. Whether its English to English captioning or some other language, anyone who can listen and type can make some money by providing captioning and subtitling services to production companies from the comfort of their home.


There are plenty of opportunities for those who are bilingual or fluent in multiple languages to make money as a digital nomad. One easy way is to provide translation services for documents, marketing translation, videos, etc. The best part is that you do not need a degree to offer translation services.


One of the most popular jobs as a digital nomad is becoming a transcriptionist. Medical transcriptionists are in high demand, as hospitals and healthcare facilities need numerous healthcare documentation to be transcribed. People want videos, lectures, conferences and more in writing. The best thing about being a transcriptionist is you get to schedule your own work time since you’ll be working from home (where that is for the day).

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is another great way to make money as a digital nomad. What’s great about drop shipping is you will not have to horde products offer. Working as a middle man by selling products to those who want it is a great way for digital nomads to sell products online to earn money.

Digital Marketing/Social Media

Providing digital marketing and social media marketing is another favorite job choice for a digital nomad. If you are good with digital marketing and are familiar with all of the tools that are used for this, then it could be the right digital nomad choice for you..

Remote Program Host/ess

Did you know companies like Remote Year, Hacker Paradise, Unsettled, WiFi Tribe, BeHere and more have paid hosts to guide their trip attendees? The pay isn’t the best, but usually you get all your accommodations covered and get to do (after organizing) all the activities in which the paid participants indulge. Technically it is not a remote or location independent job, as you will need to be in a specific time and place to do the role, but if you’re ready to take off today, and are fantastic with people (and oftentimes, babysitting), definitely apply to host a work/travel program.

Product Sales (MLM, health, nutrition, beauty, wealth, etc)

These types of jobs have always been location independent, and as long as you can manage your client base remotely, without face to face time, and are great at people recruitment, there is unlimited income potential in a product sales role.

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