Digital Nomad Fitness Retreat

A digital nomad fitness retreat might be just the thing you need to get out your work rut. Or maybe those long hours at the computer, even awkwardly typing on a hammock or deck chair, followed by the endless nights of drinking and eating has got you craving more for your life and body? After all, isn’t adventure, health and physical well-being one of the reasons we travel? I know it is for me. Long term fitness retreats for nomads are still a new concept, especially affordable ones, but there are plenty available and dozens of ways to stay fit while traveling.

One of my favorite things about fitness travel is you immediately have a built in community of people who have the same goals as you, with a shared bond. Yes, you can find that at coworking space with some effort, but I assure you, people training as painfully as you are become friends for life, more so than if you have a coffee break in the afternoon and discuss work. The good news is that with digital nomad fitness travel, you don’t have to choose – you can have both! Check out some of our top picks for tennis, yoga, muy thai, surfing and a highlight of coliving spaces that make certain sports and fitness activities easily accessible and affordable. Have one to add? Please let us know about your digital nomad fitness retreats in the comments.

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Thanyapura Sports and Tennis Resort Phuket, Thailand

Thanyapura Sports and Tennis Resort Phuket Thailand

I can guess what you’re thinking. Living at a 4 star resort for a 2 months, with breakfast and unlimited fitness opportunities on a DN budget? True story! Thanyapura was one of my favorite homes so far! I got super healthy, was more productive than anywhere else I’ve been, had a great social life (not drinking, but other activities) and loved it there. If you email them for long term rates, expect a price similar to a nice European city apartment. Prices are higher than typical Thailand, but far less than you think! Nothing beats resort living and unlimited sports and fitness, hiking, biking, tennis, yoga, pilates, meditation, gourmet and healthy food and so much more! If you combine one month at Thanyapura with one month on Koh Lanta below, a total budget of two months of fitness boot camp, in very nice accommodations will cost you about $3000 for two months and that even includes some meals. Sharing a room? Won’t be quite half, but it will be a lot less.

Read my full review (focused on tennis, but still lots of great info): Digital Nomad Fitness Retreat at Thanyapura Sports and Tennis Resort

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Muay Thai @ KoHub Coliving and Coworking, Koh Lanta

Muay Thai Digital Nomad Fitness

KoHub sets the gold standard for coworking and coliving around the world, but if you are thinking of taking up Muay Thai, then Koh Lanta is the #1 place in the world to train. You can stay at the KoHub coliving, or you can get a killer deal and stay at the upscale Lanta Sport Resort, where the Lanta Muay Thai Academy is located, about a 4 minute scooter ride to the Coworking space. Work at the coworking space, or their gorgeous outdoor pool, with breathtaking sunset views and solid wifi. A one month stay at the hotel, with training twice a day is just over $600. The resort often works even better deals if you offer to pay cash upon arrival. My first month as a “location independent” professional was at KoHub and it was a fantastic introductory month to life on the road.

Read More: Coworking KoHub Koh Lanta

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Fitness Retreat Kep, Cambodia

Cambodia Kep Fitness Retreat for Digital Nomads

Kep Fitness Retreat for Digital Nomads promises the ultimate two in one: get your work done and get in the best shape in your life! For just over $700 for 28 days, you’ll have a modest bungalow, solid WiFi, laundry, housekeeping, breakfast, unlimited bottled water, a gym with fitness classes (X-Fit, Boot Camp and more) and a personal training plan. It sounds like a quiet, remote get away, so you may want to bring a friend if that sounds like a little too much isolation for you, but sometimes, an introverted and healthy month might be just what you need.

Read More: Kep Fitness Retreat for Digital Nomads

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Tennis Travelers Facebook Group – Come "Net"Work with Us!

Find Tennis Partners While Traveling

Feel free to join our Tennis Travelers Facebook Group! We created this group just for all of us to find partners, pros and clubs around the world. We’re fairly new at the moment, but we are growing quickly and hand-approve every member. Many of us are Digital Nomads and we have scoured all the DN hotspots for courts, pros, partners and more. If you’re ready for your next Game, Set, Match, please join our group and find your next hitting partner.

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StokeWorks: Coworking/Coliving, The Algarve, Portugal

StokeWorks Coworking Coliving Portugal Yoga

StokeWorks, located in the Western Algarve, is a fairly new coliving space, and located within minutes of surfing and tennis, while being situated in in the midst of the Costa Vicentina National Park. Other activities readily available in the region include biking, hiking, horse back riding, stand up paddle, kayaking and golfing. If you are ready to create your own Digital Nomad Fitness Retreat, Stokeworks might top your list. Unfortunately, to play tennis, you’ll need to bring your own partner as there are no local coaches available or you may get lucky and find one there.

More Info: StokeWorks

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Activities at Coworking Bansko, Bulgaria

Activities at Coworking Bansko, Bulgaria

Coworking Bansko is located in the best mountain resort in Bulgaria, so in the winter there are a lot of winter sports and in the summer there is hiking, mountain biking, climbing etc. Their members also enjoy a weekly soccer game, a daily yoga session and many go to the gym together. There is a body weight bootcamp, regular bike tours and recently some members have started doing Wim Hof style ice baths in the river.

More Info: Coworking Bansko – Base for Digital Nomads in Bulgaria

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Playworking: Coworking/Coliving, Montenegro

Playworking, a coworking and coliving space in Montenegro, a small, non-Schengen and often overlooked country just at the bottom of Croatia below Dubrovnik and across the Adriatic sea from Italy. The founder of Playworking runs two adventure sports companies, SUP Montenegro and Montenegro+, providing a great opportunity to explore with kayaks, SUPs, bikes, hiking and rock climbing. Rental the equipment has a separate charge, but is readily available.

More Info: Playworking

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Amansala Long-Term Stays for the Digital Nomad, Tulum, Mexico

Amansala, an "Eco Chic Resort and Retreat" in Tulum, Mexico says they offer a package specific for Digital Nomads. Their website says, "Looking for long-term accommodations that suits your budget and your lifestyle objectives? Amansala can serve as an ideal, fully customized home away from home! Choose to stay with us at Amansala for a place for an all-inclusive monthly fee." Their most economical option is a Garden Plus Room @ $4936 USD a month plus taxes and includes full breakfast daily served until 9:45am, a choice of lunch or dinner daily, yoga class and bicycle.

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More Digital Nomad Fitness Retreats (Coming Soon)

  • BeHere includes a gym or yoga membership in their packages
  • Hacker Paradise almost always has a fitness channel (and usually a yoga, hiking channel) on their trips
  • Coworking C has Monday morning yoga on a rooftop (find photo) and a tennis club 5 minutes away. Surfing.
  • treadmill HIIT workout
  • Project Getaway
  • Girls Love Travel Fitness Group –
  • Coming Soon – tennis in Algarve
  • Mat Collective, located in Vancouver, Canada, offers free outdoor yoga/fitness classes June/July/Aug and a studio that doubles for co-working space for freelancers/entrepreneurs.

Tell us in the comments, what’s your favorite Coliving space with fitness activities?


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