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We specialize in small business consulting and On Page Search Engine Optimization. Every page on your website is constantly in communication with both Google and your site visitors, so your content must speak well to both in order to:

  • Get high rankings
  • Get lots of traffic and
  • Convert all those site visitors to clients and customers.

This is our specialty!

SEO Services We Offer

Website SEO Set Up

If you have a brand new website, or one that wasn't set up properly, we make sure you have all the basics installed. Getting all the basics set up correctly is the first step for all successful SEO and a Must-Do for any website owner.

  • Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media profile schema
  • SEO Plugin (Yoast for Wordpress)
  • Google Map Pack Listing (for local businesses with a physical address)
  • Check device responsiveness (does your site work well on mobile)
  • Confirm you have all the right logins and passwords to manage your site: host, registrar, CMS, social media channels, gmail account, etc

After our website package, you will, quite literally, be the master of your domain. You'll have an understanding and full control over everything you need to manage your site. You will not HAVE to hire anyone to take it to the next level, but it will be easy for you to do so.

Website SEO Set Up Package

SEO On Page Optimization

This is our sweet spot! We optimize any 5 pages on your site so they are 100% SEO compliant.

  • Optimize titles, headers, images, content, keywords and more. To see what we're talking about, trying putting any URL on your site through this free tool: https://mysiteauditor.com and it will easily show you the type of work we do. While we take it to the next level and add even more value with our years of experience and expertise, this tool will show you some of our approach and also how to do it yourself, should that be a better fit for you.
  • We analyze your Google Search Console and work with you to see which are the best pages to tackle. Maybe it's taking some that are not in the Google Top 10 and reworking them, maybe its moving some from spot 6+ to a higher position.
  • Our SEO Optimization should naturally move your content to the top spots of Google assuming you already have the content written and it only needs optimization. This is not a content writing service, but rather an SEO editing service.
  • You must have a complete website SEO setup per the above instructions so we can analyze and track progress. Use our Webmaster Info Sheet to determine if you have already completed this.
  • Note: This package will not work for the most competitive industries, like real estate or legal services, but is a great fit for almost any other type of industry, site or service.

SEO On Page Optimization Package


Over a cup of coffee, Melissa and I discussed my website that was doing well 3-4 years ago but now not that much and when she saw it she told me that I need to change it and talking about it she actually rekindled/respackle my passion for the website and the products that I sell. Three days later the website was redesigned and I was working on the Google SEO for my website and after a quick session on the new Google SEO search tools I was back in google searches and made a big sale. Thank you, Melissa, and If I'm gonna be rich it's your fault 🙂


Based on implementing Melissa's suggestions, affiliate sales are up 50%, time spent on pages is up to 3x longer and pages which previously did not monetize, are now producing income!

Wedding Website Client

I had no idea what SEO was, just that it sounded really complicated. When Melissa performed her magic by rewriting some of my pages, showing me some great keywords she came across in her research, it all clicked and most of my pages were on page #1 of the search engines in weeks. The pages I write now flow so easy by following her formula and they all get ranked right away! This is the fairy dust all the "pros" keeps to themselves. Get your sprinkles!


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