Get Paid to Eat Out, See Shows, Attend Events and More!

My name is Melissa and I’ve spent the past 10 years running a very successful city guide that earns over $10,000 per month. I would love to teach you how to do the same in your city.

Benefits of Running Your Own City Guide

  • No clients, no customers and no deadlines. Run your own schedule and work how and when you want.
  • Get paid to explore your city and write about it. Eat out, see a show, cheer on your favorite sports team, shop at your favorite stores
  • Get invited to shows, events, store sales, tours, restaurants and much more. Become a local VIP. The more traffic your website gets, the more fun benefits you get!
  • Have another local service business (real estate, tour guide) – get everyone in your city following you online and capture those leads

Want to know the secret? Write GREAT content and monetize it well. There are a 1,000 steps, large and small, you can take to make your content better and more favored by search engines (like Google), improve traffic, get backlinks and all the other things it takes to create and maintain a successful website.

I have been perfecting my strategy over 10 years and have spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring developers and coders to help me do the things to my website that get me to the #1 spots and earn money. I’ve made it super easy for you to skip all the trial and error and go straight to getting traffic and making money.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build a passive income city guide
  • People willing to work hard early on to earn big payouts later on a fairly passive basis

The City Guide Course Includes

  • The exact structure of the website that will bring you traffic and earn money. These are PROVEN strategies that work in at least 9 cities worldwide to create a successful city guide.
  • What to do BEFORE you register your domain name
  • 50+ free tools to use for design, keyword research, map creation, images, ebooks and much more
  • How to BEST monetize your site – and no, it isn’t all ads.
  • How to monetize both your local and tourist/travel traffic
  • Easy coding tricks that can get you 4-5 listings on page #1 of Google
  • How to use your competitor websites to increase your social media followers and spy on their popular content
  • How to use high traffic keywords that may not monetize well to send your site visitors to your money pages
  • Affiliates broken out by section of your site to super charge your income
  • How to evaluate affiliates so you find the best ones for your niche
  • How to best structure your pages to maximize SEO, please your site visitors and get you sales
  • Tips and tricks for saving hours and days of time when coding and adding links
  • How to get yourself a free link from a DA 93 in 5 minutes or less

My Experience and Success in Building a City Guide

Here are just some of the businesses in NYC with whom I’ve worked over the last 10 years, all of which have asked to be included in my guide. I will teach you my exact system for working with local businesses to promote them and generate income. It should be noted that I do not charge non profits (some museums, Central Park, to promote on my site. I believe in spreading good karma).

  • The MET
  • Guggenheim
  • Museum of Natural History
  • MoMA
  • Central Park
  • Bronx Zoo
  • Top of the Rock
  • Broadway Shows
  • Bryant Park
  • Daniel Bouley and other restaurateurs
  • Off Broadway
  • TV Shows taped in NYC
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Boat and Booze Cruises
  • Local Artists and Craftspeople
  • Jazz, Soul, Rock, Classic and other musicians
  • Non Profits

The three screenshots below of Paypal earnings are a direct result of the system I’ve spent years perfecting, which is completely separate from my affiliate income. Seriously, as I write this sentence, I got a Paypal notification. There is no better feeling to know you’ve created something that generates income for you while you sleep. Well, of course I love when I also hit my heart points, lol.

How to Make Money Blogging

#1 Spot on Google and Several Other Page #1 Links

Many of my site pages are often featured in Google’s #1 Spot and in the Featured Snippet. The second image shows how to get a second listing on Page #1, along with three more links to your site. I will show exactly how to do this.

Google #1 Result
NYC Event Listings Promote

More Page #1 Results – Spot #1, Spot #9 and a total of 5 Links on Page #1

NYC Event Listings Promote

Use These Advanced, Yet Simple, Methods for ANY Industry

I took everything I learned from my City Guide and applied it to my passion, tennis!!! I now can travel the world going to the best tennis events and I earn money writing about my experiences. See the image for my tennis site below. It was taken 6 days after I posted the article.

How to Make Money Blogging

What You’ll Need to Succeed

  • You can start with zero website or blog experience. This course does not teach the very basics of websites, however, we work with the two best online training companies, Wealthy Affiliate and SBI. You can use any website platform – WordPress, HTML or any other. The course works across any type of website builder since I have sites on WordPress and HTML, so I need all my tips and codes to be multi purpose.
  • The course assumes you either know some website basics or will go through the tutorials on one of our recommended companies. They are both fantastic trainings, and offer every single thing you will need to build a website. THE most valuable piece of both these website courses is the huge community of other online entrepreneurs where you can ask questions and get help. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get 5 full weeks of training for $19, including getting your WordPress site up and running. There is no free training online that will come close to what they offer.
  • Where we add value is that no one else teaches the fast way to build a successful city/travel guide in the most direct, efficient and profitable model. We complement both SBI and Wealthy Affiliate by providing the exact proven process to build your city guide.

Downsides of Creating a City Blog

  • It is REALLY hard work. You might spend 50-100 hours working before you earn any money from your site. The faster you work, the faster you make money. It took me 2 years of working on my blog to get to five figure months. However, no one was teaching me the strategies I now know and can teach you.
  • You are mixing work and pleasure. Like, at a restaurant, you must make sure you take photos of the food before you eat it. You’ll have to remember what you ate or take notes. An example would be if you’ve always enjoyed cooking, are you going to enjoy it as much if you have to write down the exact ingredients and recipes you use and take photos every step of the recipe?

The Travel Guide City Course is Coming Soon (Fall 2019) – SIGN UP TO BE THE FIRST TO KNOW ABOUT IT AND GET YOUR DISCOUNTS

*** You may create a travel guide about any city EXCEPT New York City. My content and site structure combination are copyrighted and protected under the DMCA***

Learn How I Make Over $10K Per Month Publishing Websites

Long before the words Blogger, SEO, Wordpress or Digital Nomad even existed, I created websites that surpassed my six-figure income within one year and allowed me to work from home. Today, I am fully location independent, do work I LOVE and have total control over my schedule. Has entrepreneurship had it's ups and downs? Absolutely, and you can learn everything I know about how to build a sustainable business online, publishing websites about travel, your hometown, fitness, health and so many other niches. Learn all about How to Make Money Blogging, including how to know if it's the right career for you and how to quick launch your business.

I'll even show you how you can start totally free and not worry at all about which host, what domain name, a logo and all the other none sense most people waste their early time on that is frustrating and earns you zero income. You'll learn much of my SEO "secret sauce," completely legitimate tactics no one else is using. The course is being developed now, so sign up today (no spam, I promise) and be the first to know when I launch it at a special discounted rate.

***** You may create a travel guide about any city EXCEPT New York City.

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