If you are a road warrior, you definitely need the best mail forward scan service. Luckily, there are dozens of virtual mail services for travelers, in almost every country, so you’ll never have to worry about getting your mail and packages while on the road. Companies like EarthClass Mail, Anytime Mailbox, Traveling Mailbox and more provide a variety of services. These offers include mail scanning, mail forwarding, package forwarding, check deposit, permanent address, tax residency, drivers license address, voter residency and anything else you may require when away from home, or officially homeless by choice.

Most people who start traveling think they can use friends and family to deal with their mail, but almost all of them end up switching to a professional virtual mail box. There are dozens of digital nomad and ex-pat forums online with story after story about why they switched to a professional service. For example, after burdening their loved ones, an unforeseen mix up or a "family-friendly" invasion of privacy. Of course, the first thing you want to do before getting a mail forward scan service, is eliminate as much paper as possible. Log in to every single bank, credit card and other site and switch to electronic statements and invoicing wherever possible. However, even after switching everything, there will always be some snail mail trailing you and here’s how you can deal with said mail.

Mail Forward Scan Services – How They Work

As a general rule, these companies receive your mail and they scan the outside of the envelope. You get an email or app notification with the image of the envelope and then you decide if you want the mail open and scanned, recycled or shredded. If they request a scan, you’ll receive a second notification and image. Usually, recycling is free and shredding costs around $.10, but it all depends on the package you choose. Additional services these companies offer are check deposits, mail forwarding, package forwarding and in person pick up services. As you evaluate which mail forward scan service you want, keep in mind all these options so you can easily find the best services for your needs.

Signing up for a service will usually require a notary. I had a skype session with a notary my mail company recommended to secure the box and it took about 20 minutes. I just downloaded an app called Notarized, Inc and video chatted with a US certified notary official. I don’t recall all the details, but I had to show or scan her my driver’s license and it cost about $25.

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Mail Forward Scan Services – What to Evaluate

Some things to consider when researching these companies include:

Business Address vs Personal Address – when changing a residential address in the USA, we can submit a forward notice to USPS with our old and new addresses and they forward our mail with a yellow sticker for 6 months. You know a lot of the addresses you need to change with your bank and credit cards and such, but there is always straggler mail you’ll get over the next few months and you then change it with each company. However, you cannot use USPS to forward a business address to a residential address, otherwise, people could easily steal the mail of a competitor business.

If the mail service you choose is a business address, and then you return to the US and secure a residence, you will not be able to automatically forward your mail to your new address. You will only be able to change it at the source for each company. This means you can expect to pay for that business address box for some time after you return until you’re sure you’ve changed your address everywhere you want. USPS has a rule that these mailboxes must receive mail for 6 months after closing an account, and generally you can just pick up your mail during that time.

Check deposits – is this a service you will need?

Mail pick up – will you want to be able to go to the business to pick up your mail? Not all services offer this an option.

Permanent Address – are you using this address to establish residency? For taxes, drivers license, voter registration, health insurance? If taxes are you main priority, you’ll want to check into a state that has no income tax, like Florida or Texas. For health insurance, you need to check which states offer travel health insurance policies (for example, New York does not).

If you shop often online, from Amazon let’s say, look at a state with no sales tax, like Delaware or Oregon. Make sure to check with each company about whether you can use their address for any of these items above you require. You also need to consider whether you need a street address or if a PO Box will suffice for your needs. PO Boxes tend to have limitations, for example, UPS will only deliver to physical addresses.

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Mail Forward Scan Services Companies (US)

Just to give you an idea of pricing, and every service is different, I pay $150 USD per year for 10 pieces of mail per month, free scanning and recycling, 1 mail forward and local pick up for 1 recipient. Additional fees include shredding @ $.50 page and storage after 21 days @ $.25 for every mail item per day. There are dozens of options for services for more and less money.

  • Anytime Mailbox – this is the service I use and am very happy with them. I needed a NYC address, so I pay a bit more for that. They have 494 locations in the US and boxes start at $4.99 per month. I can use my address for my drivers license, tax residence and for both small business and personal mail.
    More Info: https://www.anytimemailbox.com

  • EarthClass Mail – plans start at $69 per month, they are offered in most US states. Their site states, "Ideal for people who need a non-residential mailing address for small business or personal use & occasional processing of physical mail."
    More Info:

  • Traveling Mailbox – has over 700 addresses from which to choose and plans start at $15 per month. They also offer international addresses in Canada, Germany, China, Italy, Spain, UK and others.
    More Info: https://travelingmailbox.com/services

  • iPostal1 – offers 700 addresses, in all 50 states, starting at $9.99 per month. iPostal1 also charges for every scan and even charge you $1.00 for picking up your mail (Anytime Mailbox does not charge for these things, unless you exceed your scan plan). They also have THE WORST customer support and I do not recommend them.
    More Info: https://ipostal1.com/

  • Mailbox Forwarding – has three US addresses, in CA, MI and FL with prices starting at $10 per month.
    More Info: https://www.mailboxforwarding.com

  • Virtual Post Mail – plans start at $10 per month and their addresses are in Delaware, Nevada and California
    More Info:

  • St. Brendan’s Isle – starting at $11.99 per month, St. Brendan’s Isle will forward your mail and packages around the world from their Florida address (great for no state income tax) and they assist with arranging evidence of residency.
    More Info: https://www.sbimailservice.com

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Package Forwarding Companies

Order from Amazon.com and ship to Anywhere!

  • USAbox – is a US Mail and Package forwarding service. If you need your Amazon.com fix, USAbox is your go-to. They provide you an address in Miami, and then for a fee, they will forward your physical mail and packages anywhere in the world. They don’t have a monthly fee, but rather, a per package or per letter fee on an as-needed basis.
    More Info: https://www.usabox.com
  • More Package forwarding companies: Myus.com, https://planetexpress.com, http://www.shipito.com (have an address in Oregon, so no sales tax)

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Mail Forward Scan Services Companies (outside USA)

  • Traveling Mailbox – has over 700 addresses from which to choose and plans start at $15 per month. They also offer international addresses in Canada, Germany, China, Italy, Spain, UK and others.
    More Info: https://travelingmailbox.com/services

  • mygermany.com, Clevvermail,  https://www.dropscan.de
  • UKpostbox
  • France https://www.ubidoca.com/
  • Swiss https://www.post.ch
  • leapin.eu
  • Luxembourg – https://www.bpm-lux.com
  • Latin America – http://www.aeropost.com, Others for Costa Rica are: CR Box and JetBox

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Mail Forward Scan Services – Your Feedback

We hope this information on virtual mail and forwarding helpful. Do you use a company you are happy with? We’d love to know so please tell us in the comments below.

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