My first month as a "location independent" professional was Coworking KoHub Koh Lanta and what a great introductory month it was to travel. It was a super cheap month, including food, accommodations and a gorgeous coworking space. The island has a few activities in which to partake, like Diving and Muay Thai, but most importantly, it is the other "KoHubbers" that will make your experience. KoHub attracts driven and like-minded entrepreneurs and developers from around the world.

KoHub Koh Lanta

After a long flight from NYC to Krabi and a ferry ride to get to Koh Lanta, I was greeted on my first day by Charm, the local guide and community liaison, who is lovely and all-knowledgable about the island and coworking scene. I was offered a welcome drink and lunch upon my arrival and was quickly introduced to many of the other KoHubbers.

Coworking KoHub Koh Lanta

The WiFi at KoHub is fast, though the island itself can have electricity problems, always addressed rapidly by the staff however possible. The office has both indoor air conditioned space as well as gorgeous outdoor space overlooking their peaceful garden. The bathrooms are modern (not at all typical for the island), the kitchen nice, and the food is simply delicious. You place an order from your computer and it is shortly thereafter delivered straight to your desk. Coffee, smoothies, fresh juices, local organic food is at your fingertips seven days per week. As far as coworking spaces go, KoHub sets the global gold-standard.

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Coworking KoHub Koh Lanta Things to Do

The KoHub activities board is filled with daily activities, all of which are voluntary, but our group generally followed the schedule, which includes Monday Night Trivia @ the Irish Embassy, a local favorite, Taco Tuesdays, a communal lunch in the office, Happy Hours, Karaoke and other activities throughout the week.

Coworking KoHub Koh Lanta Activities

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Koh Lanta Activities and Things to Do

While we did spend most of our time eating and drinking, the crew also went on a hike, a really fun boat and snorkeling cruise to 4 other islands (the signature "tour" of Koh Lanta) where we got to see monkeys devour watermelon and watched dozens of gorgeous sunsets. In terms of physical activities, Koh Lanta has about 9 Muay Thai gyms (this is probably the best place in the world to train), lots of SCUBA diving, one Cross fit gym, about a 3 minute scooter ride from the office, offering one class per day, some yoga classes exist in the area, though they are challenging to find and there is supposedly beach volleyball I was unable to locate. I would categorize Koh Lanta as more a place to chill and not do much rather than a place filled with activities.

Koh Lanta Activities

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Best Restaurants Koh Lanta

While Koh Lanta may be short on activities, they have an abundance of restaurants, from Thai to Seafood to Greek and tons more.

Koh Lanta Restaurant Guide

Some of our favorite eats included:

  • Tides Restaurant – Layana Resort & Spa – highest quality food and cocktails. Great combination of mixing some Thai flavors and specialties with western influences.
  • Red Snapper – one of the best restaurants on the island, high end (relatively speaking, but casual dress), great mix of western and eastern choices.
  • Patty’s Secret Garden – excellent food, tons of Thai choices, a group favorite
  • Living Room Cafe & Restaurant – a local favorite
  • The Irish Embassy Pub – also try Mojos next door – right next to old Koh Hub office, great pub for sports, trivia and pub food
  • The Kitchen – fresh, local Thai food
  • iRie Bar and Restaurant – live music, creative use of space, excellent thai and other types of food
  • San’s Sunset Bar – casual on the beach spot, fantastic sunsets, simple, cheap Thai food
  • Greek Taverna – the only (?) Greek restaurant on the island, good food
  • Harrys Steakhouse & Sportsbar – also great for sports watching, pool table and other bar games
  • Sala Dan – the area along the northern coast, tons of seafood restaurants right on the water. For a great Aussie meal and sports bar, try Fat Monkey. For seafood, almost any other place along the water is great.

Best Restaurants Koh Lanta

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