Coworking Coliving Hacker Paradise Lesvos Review

This review is of the most amazing month of coworking coliving Hacker Paradise Lesvos Greece. I’ll get straight to the point, if you are thinking of joining Hacker Paradise, and/or are evaluating them against any other programs, stop right now and join. Our month in Lesvos, Greece exceeded my highest expectations (especially after joining another group, Pangea196, and really disliking it) and I have already signed up for more trips with Hacker Paradise, as have the majority of participants.

Joining Hacker Paradise is a dream for most anyone – travel the world with like-minded friends, who are also location independent, and explore and enjoy while you work. Our Hacker Paradise review shows the real (yes, this is real!) life of an HP month-long program, most of our activities, where we stayed, all the upsides and minor downsides.

Coworking Coliving Lesvos Greece Activities

I must start with the hundreds of activities available in Lesvos, because I’ve just turned down a trip to the hot springs to write this post. I honestly cannot keep up with this amazingly active group, as they are up for just about anything offered here! Some of the activities in which the group participated included canoing, kayaking, hiking, cooking class, sailing, SCUBA diving, swimming, boating, exploring local towns, horseback riding, tennis, pottery, volunteering with refugees, eating and cocktail-ing, clubbing and bar hopping, hot springs, Greek dancing, Dungeons and Dragons, meditation, learning from locals and much, much more.

You choose as much or as little as you’d like to participate in – just make sure to get all your work done because your accountability partner will be all over you checking in to ensure you stay on track!

Hacker Paradise Activities

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Coworking Coliving Hacker Paradise Lesvos Greece Activities

Hacker Paradise has a vested interested in making sure all their participants work hard and play harder and they enhance this philosophy by offering tons of Hacker Paradise specific activities throughout every week. You feel like you have work cheerleaders all around you investing in your success!

Some of the HP uniqueness includes weekly group lunches, social night out, potluck dinners, goal setting, knowledge exchange, accountability partners, daily workouts, weekly talks, idea exchanges and any number of other types of sessions as smaller groups go off and find their synergies together.

The talks are incredibly interesting and diverse, as each participant has the option to offer a 20 minute lesson on a passion of theirs. Some of the things we learned about were cryptocurrency, ergonomics for nomads, music, acting, coding, working with refugees and search engine optimization.

Coworking Coliving Hacker Paradise Review

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Coworking Coliving Hacker Paradise Lesvos Greece Food

There is NOTHING not to love about Greek food. It’s fresh, fabulous and our group will never have enough tzatziki. There are Greek salads, feta cheese, fresh fish, vegetables, perfectly cooked meats, Frappes and Fredos (delicious Greek coffee specialties), ice cream, crepes and too much more to list. You will not go hungry in Greece and if you make some good choices, of which there are plenty, you won’t gain a pound either.

Coworking Coliving Hacker Paradise Lesvos Greece Food

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The ONE Downside of Coworking Coliving with Hacker Paradise?

The WiFi. I don’t blame this on HP because they were promised solid WiFi, but as I write this article, it’s frustrating as it goes in and out. Luckily, I tend to type off line, but for those who need a lot of Skype calls or online meetings it can be frustrating. The truth is, I’m used to my own personal NYC ultra high speed internet, so I’m probably biased because I have experienced WiFi issues around the world, including Buenos Aires, Koh Lanta, Chile and a few others, so issues are more the norm than not. I suspect it’s as much about the actual WiFi as it is about 15-20 power users being online at the same time and there likely aren’t too many places in the world that can really handle that, especially not an island. My recommendation is to set up as much work as you can offline, or at least have something productive to do when the WiFi is really slow or out for more than a minute at a time. It can be as simple as cleaning up emails, organizing your hard drive or organizing your photos.

OK, so there’s one more downside. Saying goodbye to everyone!!! I have to say, this is near torture, as you grow so close to all the people during the time learning, working and exploring the world with them and it is heartbreaking. Anyone who ever went to summer camp will understand – this feels like the last day of camp. Luckily, we know most of us are going to meet up and travel again very soon.

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Who Joins Coworking Coliving with Hacker Paradise?

Simply everyone! I’d guess the average ages of participants falls in the range of 23-33, however we have participants in their early 20s and late 40s. Everyone is welcome and there’s absolutely zero judgement from anyone about any nationality, age, race, religion, sexuality or anything else! The group is from all over the world, including England, USA, India, Italy, France, Canada, South Africa and many combinations of the same. The one thing we all have in common is that we’re able to work from anywhere in the world where there is somewhat solid WiFi. Even if your’e just considering joinng Hacker Paradise, or any other remote/work program, it is totally worthwhile to schedule your interview now. There’s no committment after that and you can learn a ton about how the programs work.

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Birds Bay Lesvos Greece Accommodations

The majority of accomodations in Petra (Lesvos, Greece) are bungalows or apartments. There are a few larger hotels, all of which are family-owned, but we stayed at Birds Bay Lesvos Greece. The bungalows are designed and appointed with lovely bed linens, charming curtains, fully stocked kitchens, washing machines, clothes drying racks, hair dryers and most importantly, views of the ocean from every room with terraces off the front door and the bedrooms.

The infiniti pool overlooking the Aegean Sea is surely the pièce de résistance of the entire property, with an excellent value-priced cafe onsite for breakfast, lunch, snacks and cocktails. Birds Bay is about a 15 minute walk along the beach to the town of Petra, lined with lovely restaurants and markets. A car is recommended to stay at Bird’s Bay, though definitely not necessary. And if you’d like the best taxi service in Petra, Lesvos, you’ll want to What’s App or call Tanasis: +30 698 039 9227.

Birds Bay Lesvos Greece Accommodations

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