Split Croatia Coworking Coliving

Split Croatia Coworking Coliving | Beaches, Hvar, Boat Cruises, Amosfera

Split Croatia Coworking Coliving with Hacker Paradise made for an interesting six weeks. After a year of traveling, Split was definitely not my favorite city, but it does have a lot to offer. One...
Traveling by Yourself for the First Time

Traveling by Yourself for the First Time | Tips, Great Photos, Where to Stay

Traveling by yourself for the first time can be exhiliarating, thrilling, exciting and scary all at the same time. Check out our great tips for Traveling by Yourself for the First Time, including preparation,...
Travel Health Insurance Advice

Expert Travel Health Insurance Advice | Professional Tips, What do you Need?

When looking for travel health insurance advice, sometimes the professionals can really help you navigate the complicated landscape. While reading the terms and conditions of the aspects of your travel policy may be the...
What Phones Work with Google Fi

What Phones Work with Project Fi? | Google Fi Compatible Phones, Pixel, Nexus

So you have heard of this (not so new) Google Fi by Google and are wondering what phones work with Google Fi? Surprisingly, Google Fi has flown somewhat under the radar of the common...
What Networks Does Google Fi Use

What Networks Does Google Fi Use | Project Fi Taxes and Fees

Common questions about Google Fi include "What Networks does Google Fi Use?" and "How much are Project Fi Taxes and Fees?" Despite Google’s dominance, Google Fi isn’t quite as widely used as other network...
Coworking Coliving Coworkite Mauritius

Coworking Coliving Coworkite Mauritius | (Negative) Digital Nomad Review

Coworking Coliving Coworkite Mauritius is ONLY for a select, very specific, group of individuals. Those that drive (on the left side of the road) and those that Kitesurf. Of all the coworking and coliving...
Travel Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

Travel Health Insurance for Digital Nomads | USA, Europe, Asia, Compare Rates

Travel health insurance for digital nomads is a must-have for any traveler. Too many stories of odd bug bites turning into infectious diseases, scooter accidents and natural disasters are enough to make even the...
How to Use Your iPhone with Google Fi

How to Use Your iPhone with Project Fi | Google Fi Compatible Phones

Updated for 2019: How to Use Your iPhone with Project Fi. Google’s Project Fi works by connecting the cellphone user to Sprint, T-Mobile, or U.S. Cellular, depending on which has the strongest signal at...
Coworking KoHub Koh Lanta

Coworking KoHub Koh Lanta | Review, Restaurants, Things to Do, Activity

My first month as a "location independent" professional was Coworking KoHub Koh Lanta and what a great introductory month it was to travel. It was a super cheap month, including food, accommodations and a...
How to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging | Expert Makes $10,000 Per Month

Can you really make $10,000 per month blogging? Can you really make money blogging? Yes, I have consistently made this kind of income publishing websites for 10+ years and I know dozens of other...
Coworking Coliving Hacker Paradise Lesvos Greece

Coworking Coliving Hacker Paradise Lesvos | Review by a Digital Nomad

This review is of the most amazing month of Coworking Coliving Hacker Paradise Lesvos Greece. I'll get straight to the point, if you are thinking of joining Hacker Paradise, and/or are evaluating them against...
Gran Canaria Coworking Coliving

Gran Canaria Coworking Coliving | Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Restation

Review of Gran Canaria Coworking Coliving in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. Restation, CoWorking C, The Pool, The Roof, Gran Canaria hotels, Gran Canaria map, Gran Canaria things to do, Canyoning, Hiking and more.
Digital Nomad Remote Jobs from Home

Best Digital Nomad Remote Jobs from Home | Unique Jobs, Businesses

Since there are 1000s from which to chose, we shed some light on the best digital nomad remote jobs from home. We all know coders, developers and bloggers are popular remote work options, but...

Buenos Aires Coworking Coliving | WeWork, Nomad House, Polo, Iguazu

Spending an entire month in Buenos Aires Coworking Coliving was an interesting experience! One month is a good amount of time to get a feel for the city, see what daily life is like,...
Digital Nomad Fitness Retreat

Digital Nomad Fitness Retreat | Tennis, Yoga, Muy Thai, Boot Camp, Gym

A digital nomad fitness retreat might be just the thing you need to get out of your work rut. Or maybe those long hours at the computer, even awkwardly typing on a hammock or...
How to Prepare for Digital Nomad Travel

Prepare for Digital Nomad Travel | Long Term Travel Checklist, Packing

Congratulations on getting to the step of how to prepare for digital nomad travel! Before you get on the road, you'll want to think about cell phones and plans, health insurance, VPNs, bank accounts...
Best Mail Forward Scan Service

Best Mail Forward Scan Service | Virtual PO Box, Digital Nomad, Package

If you are a road warrior, you definitely need the best mail forward scan service. Luckily, there are dozens of virtual mail services for travelers, in almost every country, so you'll never have to...
Cape Town Digital Nomad

Cape Town Digital Nomad | Coworking, Coliving, Things to Do, Transport

Our Cape Town digital nomad guide is put together after 3 months in Cape, both spent with a large group (Hacker Paradise) and solo, so we can share both sides of travel in Cape...